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  1. Login to NXT server
  2. Modules
    1. Addressing modules
    2. Replacing a faulty module
  3. Outputs
    1. Appointing out/in (outputs/inputs) and groups
    2. Configuration RGB(W)
    3. Configuration of shutters/screens
    4. Configuration fan toilet
    5. Dimming settings per dim output
  4. Push buttons
    1. Scanning and configuration push buttons
    2. Configuration of a Dobiss PIR detector
    3. Dark condition PIR detector
    4. Configure a push button with time delay
  5. Scenarios
    1. Configuration of an "all off" scenario
    2. Configuration of a "Panic" scenario
    3. Scenario "Night hall dimmed at night"
  6. Automations
    1. Automation of outdoor lighting
    2. Automation of shutters
  7. Global settings
    1. Change default login and password
    2. Creating a cloud account
    3. Create a new user and profile
    4. Backup and other project settings
  8. Heating/cooling
    1. Scanning of temperature sensors
    2. Heating/cooling control with solenoid valves on relay outputs (ON/OFF)
    3. Heating/cooling control with 0-10V operated solenoid valves
    4. Heating/cooling calendar
  9. Link with Google Home/Assistant
  10. Audio
    1. Integration of Bose or Sonos
  11. Flags
    1. Flag indicating that a door is open
    2. PIR detector with "Alarm Scenario" using a flag
  12. Notifications
    1. Notification via contact of the alarm system
    2. Notification via PIR detector using a flag
  13. IFTTT
    1. Integration of a "Smart plug" via IFTTT
    1. Connecting Fermax MEET monitor with DOBISS NXT
  15. Zigbee
    1. Linking Zigbee gateway with Dobiss NXT
    2. Integration of Dobiss Zigbee relay into Dobiss NXT
    3. Integration of Dobiss Zigbee dual relay into Dobiss NXT
    4. Integration of Dobiss Zigbee dimmer into Dobiss NXT
    5. Integration of Dobiss ZIgbee curtain control in Dobiss NXT
    6. Integration of Dobiss Zigbee 4 fold push button into Dobiss NXT